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"... He chose to walk that road out of His love for you and me. Down the Via Dolorosa all the way, to Calvary."
Billy Graham: How to become a Christian
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:: Monday, September 23, 2002 ::

My first reaction was, "people like that do not deserve to have children." My next reaction was to inflict the same punishment on her as she did her 4-year-old child.

You've probably heard of the mother in Illinois that was caught on videotape allegedly beating her daughter and pulling her hair. And, guess what? She also has two sons. What kind of punishment could they have received? What kind of scars might they carry?

So, what do we as a society do to prevent the harm of innocent children? What about taking care of our widows? Our orphans? There are many worthy programs out there, secular and religious based, to help people work through problems that cause them to harm others.

But is that enough? Are all of the 12 step programs, the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the abuse survivor gatherings getting the job done in helping people become better citizens, better caretakers of the innocent?

I say they are doing their job if they are hitting at the core issue: our sin. From Adam and Eve in the Garden to today, mankind and womankind have willfully chosen to do things that cause harm to the innocent and noninnocent alike. What is sin? It is the willful act of a man or woman that violates God's law as described in the Bible. God knows what is best for we humans, and when we transgress His commandments, we end up hurting ourselves and each other.

And the innocent suffer the most.

:: Julie 9/23/2002 09:44:00 AM [+] ::
:: Sunday, September 15, 2002 ::
I haven't posted in a while because I've been bummed out and stressed over my cat, Biz, and her struggle with cancer.

She lost that struggle this morning at 10:20 Eastern.

Biz, my beloved.

:: Julie 9/15/2002 08:36:00 AM [+] ::
:: Saturday, September 07, 2002 ::
Yesterday evening began the observance of Rosh Hashanah, the start of the High Holy Days for the Jewish people. This is a time of reflection, of pentinance, of the sounding of the Shofar every day and culminates on Yom Kippur.

Why is it that Jews are so hated by almost every people group on the planet? Is it because they are wise business owners? Because they are perceived as greedy? Because they are perceived as stingy? There are many stereotypes that come to mind as I think of the Jewish people.

I strongly believe the underlying cause of it all is that the Jews are God's chosen people and everyone else is not. Thus, everyone else, at their core, is jealous. Envious that a Holy God would pick them and not us to bring knowledge of the Creator to all people of the Earth.

Well, truth hurts.

Does that mean we should hate the messenger? That Jews, being chosen by God, should bear the brunt of worldwide shunning, terror attacks and general dislike? I say emphatically, "No!" Because God in His wisdom not only chose the Jewish people to bring knowledge of Him to the world, but He also in His mercy allows non-Jews to come into His kingdom through the blood of His Son, the King of the Jews. And calls unto His Jewish people to also enter His kingdom through Y'shua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ.

Thus we should be infinitely thankful for the Jewish people. Without them, God would not have revealed Himself to the world. Sure, He could have revealed Himself, and does every day through His creation, but what better way to point to God except through a people group that He chose Himself?

As observant Jews observe the High Holy Days, let us who are not Jewish reflect and repent on the sinful thoughts we have toward our Jewish friends, family and acquaintences. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit moves mightily as Jews seek repentance for their sins. God has provided a Way out from under the curse of sin...through the acceptance of His Son, Jesus, into our sinful hearts.

:: Julie 9/07/2002 06:46:00 AM [+] ::
Happy Birthday, Earth!

How does it feel to be 5,763 years old? What?? Some people think the Earth is older than that? What in the world is the matter with them?? The Bible is quite clear that the Earth is < 6,000 years old. Why would anyone believe the contrary?

Ah, science. Yes, science. The same science that has changed the age of the Earth many, many different times. Is it 5 billion years old? 4.5? 4.86? The same science that is desparately trying to find the "missing link" between our so-called ape ancestors and homo sapiens. The missing link has not been found because it does not exist. Science will do and search for anything that explains our origins apart from a Holy God.

On this birthday of the planet we call Earth, our home, let's reflect on the goodness of the One who created it all.

:: Julie 9/07/2002 06:27:00 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, September 02, 2002 ::
What does the King of Saudia Arabia and his royal family do on holiday?

Apparently, he and his entourage spend $5M per day (yes, that is 5 followed by 6 zeros!) in the Spanish coastal resort of Marbella.

Not only that, but "As usual, Saudi princes and princesses are expected to snap up Hermes scarves and Rolex watches by the display case, slap down millions of dollars on roulette tables and boogie into the night with the bejeweled blondes at the Olivia Valere discotheque. It's a lifestyle strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam..."

As an evangelical Christian, I either follow Jesus wholeheartedly or I don't. I have the same behaviours whether I'm at work, at play or at home. I don't "put my Christianity in my pocket" every Sunday after church, but I leave it on my sleeve for all to see (the good and the bad).

So, what's up with the Saudis? Are they followers of Mohammed (pbuh) or what? Are they Muslim only in the 5 parts of the day that is designated call to prayer time?

And then, get this quote from a Saudi royal family member, "He [the Saudi royal family member] refuses to believe that any of the hijackers were Saudi citizens, though 15 of the 19 were, and insists the attacks were a plot arranged by the Israelis and the CIA. 'Do you know how many Jews in the World Trade Center didn't go to work that day?'"

This royal family member may just be one bad apple, but I somehow doubt it. The US needs to stop supporting Saudi Arabia and find other sources of oil so that we are not dependent upon (the word hostage also comes to mind) the people from the same country who bankrolled a large part of the 9/11 attacks and also had a telethon to raise money for the families of the Palestinian homicide bombers.

The US needs to get out of Saudi Arabia and we need out now.

:: Julie 9/02/2002 06:07:00 AM [+] ::

Dotson Memorial Baptist Church, Maryville TN

So, why would I call myself "Narrow-Minded Simpleton," a moniker that is usually launched with derision towards far-right Christian "lunatics" who quote the Bible all the time and think there's only one (simple) Way to Heaven?

If the shoe fits...

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